Mandarin Chinese

Speak Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese (based on the pronunciation of Beijing) is considered the standard and is spoken by nearly 900 million people in China. And as China is an economic powerhouse, learning the language can be a real business benefit. 

You’ll practise all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, with particular emphasis on speaking skills. We pay great attention to the four tones, as well as learning how to write Chinese characters. Because writing Mandarin Chinese, while challenging, is a wonderful thing to learn.

We’ll design a tailored programme for you. But before that, we’ll talk to you about your language learning needs.

Our Courses

Mandarin Chinese for complete beginners

All you need to survive (and thrive) in just 24 hours of tuition – plus a sound basis in reading and writing the language

Mandarin Chinese for all levels

Business Mandarin Chinese