Speak Spanish

With over 559 million people speaking it as a first or second language, Spanish is spoken by many Hispanic cultures around the world.

You can learn Castilian Spanish spoken in Spain, as well as country specific Spanish (we have teachers from most countries in Latin America). You’ll practise all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, with particular emphasis on speaking skills. 

We pay special attention to pronunciation. After all, Spanish is an exciting language to speak. 

We’ll design a tailored programme for you. But before that, we’ll talk to you about your language learning needs.

Our Courses

Spanish for complete beginners

All you need to survive (and thrive) in Spain, in just 12 hours of tuition

Spanish for all levels

Business Spanish

Preparation for Spanish exams

DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Second Language), GCSE, AS and A-level

Spanish for primary schools

Online Spanish courses

Full immersion courses in Madrid and Valencia, Spain